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Posted Wed, Jul 31, 2019
It’s easy, it’s fashionable. But is juicing really healthy? Here’s the hope, hype and truth of the diet du jour, according to Christina Curry, MS, RD, LD, sports dietitian at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in Sugar Land.
Posted Mon, Jul 29, 2019
Ever since I could speak, I wanted to be a doctor. And as a woman, I assumed I’d be a mom someday. After moving to Texas with my husband, who’s also a physician, we decided to get pregnant. But after two years, we still had not conceived, so ...
Posted Mon, Jul 22, 2019
The wedding march begins. The crowd stands and turns, waiting for the doors of the church to part, revealing a father and daughter prepared to make the iconic walk down the aisle.
Posted Fri, Jul 19, 2019
Madeline Pugh entered the world nearly three months premature. Despite Madeline’s early arrival, Lisa and Joe Pugh were thrilled to be new parents.
Posted Fri, Jul 19, 2019
You’ve vowed to eat more fruits and vegetables. If only they’d cooperate. Yet even the most Instagram-worthy produce seems to go limp or mushy soon after you get it home. Before chucking your healthy diet, follow these produce pointers from S...
Posted Thu, Jul 18, 2019
Twenty seconds. That’s how long it takes for a child to drown, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. That’s less time than the length of the latest quirky car insurance commercial playing endless loops on cable television.
Posted Tue, Jul 02, 2019
It’s become a summertime tradition in Houston: as soon as temperatures warm and the cool waters of pools beckon, a thick gray haze starts to settle over Greater Houston.
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