Conroe Tigers fall to Lufkin Panthers in a District 12-6A matchup

By: Ava Moursund, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 11/04/2017


CONROE, Texas-- After a close tie in the World Series, it is no wonder why high school teams all over Houston strive to model these incredible players who made history. Conroe fought hard as they strived to claw the Panthers. The back and forth touchdowns made this the ultimate catfight to watch as both teams tried to out beat each other.

The game kicked off with Isaiah Phillips scoring the first touchdown for Lufkin after only four minutes. Lyndon Poore dropped an interception on third down leading to a punt for the Panthers. Intercepting the ball on the 40 yard line, Jeremiah Davis takes the ball to the 25 yard line for Lufkin. With only two minutes left in the first quarter, the Panthers score another touchdown doubling the score 0-14.

During the second quarter, the Tigers punted the ball while Lufkin’s returner fumbles. Number 25, Ameer Patten recovers the ball for the Tigers. The crowd goes wild popping confetti cannons as Conroe scores their first touchdown bringing the score 7-14. Noticing that Conroe upped their game, wide receiver number two, Malik Jackson drags defenders till reaching the end zone. Brandon Schnaultz earns the title of player of the game as he makes another astonishing touchdown for the Tigers to catch up to the Panthers. The second quarter is wrapped up with the score 14 for the Tigers and 28 for the Panthers.

The tension ceeds as the halftime show begins. The Conroe Golden Girls perform their annual daddy and daughter duet to the Hawaiian song “Late in the Evening”. Before the band performs, the band announces that the game, as well as the performance, is dedicated to Conroe student Bailey Zakorski who lost his life to cancer. The crowd sombers over this tragedy before entering the second half of the game.

Number three, Ja’Lynn Polk immediately scores another touchdown for Lufkin resulting in the score 14-35. As time begins to pass anxiety kicks in as the difference in the scores continues to increase. Ameer Patten once again plays another touchdown for the tigers bringing them from 14 all the way up to 20 while the Panthers remain at 35. The final score for the third quarter concludes with 22-42 as the Panthers score another touchdown increasing their score by seven points.

The game slows down during the end as both teams do not exhibit much action. Passes are incomplete and balls continuously fumble throughout the quarter. Tre’ Grant for the Panthers scores a touchdown, but with only 38 seconds left in the game, Brandon Schnaultz does as well for the Tigers leaving the overall score 28-49 in the fourth. This was the last game of the season for Conroe.

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