Residents learn about crime awareness program, Dog Walker Watch, and water safety at 'Paddle with Your Pup' in The Woodlands

By: Gunnar Luckoski
| Published 06/06/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- On a brisk Saturday afternoon, Hughes Landing saw a break in the continuous down pouring seen these past few weeks. The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch partnered with the Montgomery County Sheriff department, capitalized on the sunshine to engage with Woodlands residents about neighborhood and water safety on the Hughes landing docks.

The event was called Paddle with Your Pup and was sponsored by Natural Pawz pet store. Susan Martin and Sheriff’s deputy Carlos Tavarez were on the forefront of this operation. Their approach was an organic interaction between them and residents. While owners walked past with their furry friends, Susan and Carlos offered treats, allowing for a discussion to be formed about staying safe in the community.

What residents learned:

• “Dog Walker Watch is a crime awareness program of The National Association of Town Watch.”
• Dog owners know the routes they walk with their pets. They have a keen eye to the environments traveled and are an, “extra eye and ear for law enforcement.” Dog walkers must stay vigilant on their walks.
• If something seems suspicious, don’t be afraid to call the authorities. No, this doesn’t mean dialing 911, but instead call the Sheriff’s office directly at (936)-442-7787.
• The initiative for Dog Walkers is to help heighten the awareness of suspicious behaviors. Training sessions and scheduling can be found on The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch website.
• Lastly, the pursuit of water safety and drowning prevention.

As summer carries on, the need to get out of the heat persists. It is imperative that proper water safety is known, so, The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch and Aquatics Division is having a pool safety week from June 21-25. The week will be filled with fun activities and is free to the public. The programs will include lessons on water safety, water skills practice, and games with Josh the Otter! To add to this already impressive approach to water safety, The Township will offer swimming lessons and teach guidelines for supervision around water.

View this poster for pool locations and times.

For more information, visit,

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