HS Softball Playoffs: The Woodlands Defeat Spring & Move onto Area Round

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 04/30/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- The Woodlands once found themselves in a hard count early on. With bases loaded in the first and second, Spring was determined to jump off to an early lead like last night. The Woodlands had other plans with Saylor Davis at the mound. She as able to squeeze by each inning with no runs scored.

The Woodlands capitalized on this and ran in one run in each the first and second inning. Then the bomb. An absolute tank from Kaelyn Zusi sailed over the center field wall and brought in a runner along with herself. The Woodlands found themselves up 4 to 0 for the next couple of innings.

Spring was unable to cross over the home plate until in the 6th where The Woodlands pitchers walked in 2 making the score 4-2. This was becoming a game and The Woodlands didn’t want to end their season so soon.

In the same inning, The Woodlands rallied their troops and connected with the ball on 4 occasions. They were able to bat 5 runners in before Spring retired them back to the dugout. The Woodlands finally had a comfortable lead to rein in the horses and prepare for the final inning.

Although Spring gave it their all, with a couple of base hits, The Woodlands was able to shut them down and strike out the final batters. This gave them a spot in the Area Round.

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