Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum awards 60 scholarships

By: Marylinda Cohron
| Published 06/16/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum awarded 60 scholarships for $1000 each this year, Bringing the total given by our organization to over $1 million dollars. We accepted scholarship applications from 23 schools in 6 ISDs in our service area. We are proud to serve Magnolia, Conroe, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, and The Woodlands. In early fall of each year, counselors are provided with posters to advertise our scholarship and applications for interested senior girls. CWJF volunteers generally interview the applicants during February and March but due to Covid restrictions other arrangements had to be made to ensure the high school seniors received their scholarships. Many zoom interviews were conducted, with a few phone calls to boot. Primary consideration in the selection process is to reward, honor, and encourage students who have dedicated their time and energies to improving their world through heartfelt community service.

Please join Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum in congratulating the following winners:

Hannah Foster Caney Creek H.S.
Lauren Pattillo Conroe H. S.
Isabella Roberts Caney Creek H. S.
Trinity Loebig Grand Oaks H. S.
Marley Bartholomew College Park H. S.
Mary Dillard Oak Ridge H. S.
Isabella Carlin College Park H.S.
Christina Lenz Oak Ridge H. S.
Isabelle Irani College Park H.S
Jocelyn Souza Oak Ridge H. S.
Mahi Patel College Park H. S.
Anya Carlson Cy-Creek H.S.
Ava Bass The Woodlands H.S.
Lilly Nguyen Cy-Creek H. S.
Emma Carter The Woodlands H.S.
Alexis Palmer Cy-Creek H. S.
Anna Claire Holleman The Woodlands H. S.
Grace Wesley Spring H. S.
Ava Elisabeth Yates Kaufman The Woodlands H.S.
Tess Gallegos Magnolia West H.S.
Anna Beasley Cy-Fair High School
Dorina Balogh Cy-Woods H. S.
Ana Sofia Aranda Garza Cy-Fair High School
Aline Boutros Cy-Woods H.S.
Katie Gray Cy-Fair High School
Shea Ellis Cy-Woods H.S.
Diksha Kurwa Cy-Fair High School
Emily Fayard Cy-Woods H.S.
Casey Nguyen Jersey Village H. S.
Madison Brown Klein Cain H.S.
Diljot Saini Jersey Village H. S.
Kiley Krueger Klein Cain H.S.
Melanie Charron Klein High School
Katrina Machetta Klein Collins H.S.
Juliette Flash Klein High School
Elise Marek Klein Collins H.S.
Amy Le Klein High School
Lauren Sossaman Klein Collins H.S.
Nancy Luu Klein High School
Reagan Wammack Klein Collins H.S.
Jennifer L. Dodgen Klein Oak H.S.
Britany N. Osollo Gutierrez Klein Forest H.S.
Mariam Khan Klein Oak H.S.
Ashley Velasquez Klein Forest H.S.
Arianna LeBlanc Klein Oak H.S.
Audra Gosch Magnolia H.S.
Marybeth Shore Klein Oak H.S.
Claire Rebecca McCusker Magnolia H.S.
Tess Gallegos Magnolia West H.S.
Grace Wesley Spring H.S.
Cindy Phan Westfield H.S.
Perla DeLeon Wunsche H.S.
Brieanna Simon Westfield H.S.
Neema Ferrol Wunsche H.S.
Estefania Yepiz Medina Westfield H.S.
Lauren Lawson Wunsche H.S.
Allison Dougherty Tomball H.S.
Paolo Marilu Lopez Tomball Memorial H.S.
Daniela Izumi Tomball H.S.
Sara Kate Richard Tomball Memorial H.S.
Palazuelos Fujigaki Tomball H.S.
Kelsie Vann Tomball H.S.
Rachel Elfman Tomball Memorial High School *Performing Arts Council of North Houston

Along with the CWJF Founding Members Scholarship, we also administer one special scholarship of $1000 which is awarded each year on a rotating basis through the 6 ISDs in our service area. During 2021-2022 The Performing Arts Council of North Houston Scholarship was awarded to Rachel Elfman from Tomball High School. To qualify for this scholarship, graduating senior girls or boys must be planning a college major in performing arts or technical performing arts, such as music (instrumental or vocal), theater, dance, costume design, lighting design or sound design. The primary criterion to evaluate applicants is their excellence in a chosen performing discipline (awards and other recognition), financial need, and academic performance. During 2022-2023 we will be accepting applications from students in Conroe ISD for The Performing Arts Council of North Houston Scholarship.

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