The John Cooper School Students Receive National Recognition

By: Jessica Holloway
| Published 09/13/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The John Cooper School is proud to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success.

Seminfinalists in the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program: Madeleine Hortman, Vikram Kansal, Timothy Lu, Daniel Milan, Hannah Nieuwveld, Aditya Pakal, Felicity Sebastian, Ryan Taylor, and Annabelle Wu.

“We applaud these students for their willingness to explore ideas beyond the thin answers that come quickly and for their contributions to class discussions. Their commitment to scholarship and intellectual inquiry makes our community a richer place,” said Laura Schroeder, Director of College Counseling.

The John Cooper School’s mission is to provide a challenging education in a caring environment to a diverse group of select students, enabling them to become critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, responsible citizens and leaders, and lifelong learners.

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