Conroe ISD proudly introduces its High School Journalism Network, a roundup of the top features written by students from around the District

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 12/15/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Conroe Independent School District has recently announced its High School Journalism Network. This innovative program presents a recap, roundup, and accumulation of the top features written by CISD students.

“Before we leave for the holidays, I wanted to share some of the feature stories written by our students this semester as part of our High School Journalism Network. We hope to expand this program in the new year to deliver you more timely and in-depth coverage from our schools. Happy Holidays!” said Russ Reneau from Conroe ISD’s Communications Department.

Here is the inaugural Conroe ISD High School Journalism Network Roundup:

College Park AP Superstar Hits Perfect Score

By Eleanor Kelly and Aubrie Smith, College Park High School

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (October 3, 2023) - Zachary Thibodeaux, a senior in the Academy of Science and Technology at College Park High School, received his results back from the AP Environmental Sciences exam he took in May and was the only student globally to earn a perfect score…

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Power Off

By Nyx Garibi-Moreyra, College Park High School

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (October 10, 2023) – Cell phones in school have been an issue for years. In Conroe ISD and many other school districts, policies have been implemented to attempt to manage the use of phones. For example, teachers place phone caddies inside their rooms. Recently, a committee was organized to evaluate the use of cell phones, their effects, and possible actions to be taken. This places jeopardy on everything we know about cell phones in our schools…

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Oak Ridge HS Looks to Break Record for World’s Largest Homecoming Mum

By Abbey Mason and Avery Burke, Oak Ridge High School

CONROE, TEXAS (November 6, 2023) – Homecoming mums, a favorite Texas high school tradition, are back and bigger and better than ever. This year, Oak Ridge High School is going for a Guinness Book World Record with an approximately 125-foot tall homecoming mum…

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Rojo y Verde Mariachi Group Gets New Uniforms

By Charlotte Salinas, The Woodlands High School

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (September 19, 2023) – The Rojo y Verde Mariachi is the Mariachi Ensemble for The Woodlands High School, who recently received their new uniforms. This is the third year that the Mariachi has been at TWHS. The Mariachi group this year is very motivated to grow and learn more about Latin culture outside of school…

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The Woodlands HS Alumna Soars High in the USAF

By Patrick Sammon, The Woodlands High School

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (December 11, 2023) – For Senior Airman Eileen Sammon, being in the Air Force has become less of a job and more of a career…

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Caney Creek Students Receive National Recognition

By Rhyan Mar, Caney Creek High School

CONROE, TEXAS (December 8, 2023) – Several students were recognized at the College Board National Recognition ceremony Tuesday, Sept. 26 The event saw the presentation of prestigious awards, including the Rural Recognition Scholar and the National Hispanic Recognition Scholar…

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Caney Creek Athletic Trainers Receive Superstars Award

By Ashley Hernandez, Caney Creek High School

CONROE, TEXAS (December 6, 2023) – The [Caney Creek High School] athletic trainers received the Texas Football Training Staff Superstars Award from Texas Children’s Hospital and Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine. They give superstars awards so that more programs are appreciated and acknowledged as a way to advocate and advertise for their profession…

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Brewing a Beast

By Isabel Jimenez, Conroe High School

CONROE, TEXAS (November 1, 2023) – Dorian Brew is known as the 5-star athletic transfer who came all the way here from Dayton, Ohio. Brew went to school at Notre Dame High School, where he was placed No. 1 class of 2025 prospect, now he is a proud Conroe Tiger and plays as a star varsity defensive cornerback…

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Hitting the High Notes

By Kaylee Turner, Grand Oaks High School

SPRING, TEXAS (December 1, 2023) – Hallee Payne shines as a star student in the Grand Oaks Fine Arts programs. As a soprano in the varsity girls choir, her impressive high notes make her an integral part of the ensemble, contributing greatly to its phenomenal sound…

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Grand Oaks Volleyball’s Caelyn Emmerling Continuing Career in College

By Kaylee Turner, Grand Oaks High School

SPRING, TEXAS (December 14, 2023) – Three-year starting varsity volleyball player and state champion Caelyn Emmerling signs to continue her volleyball career as a right side at Texas State University…

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