How Houston Honros Its Military Heroes

By: America's ER + Urgent Care | Published 05/24/2024


Like many cities in the United States, Houston honors its military heroes in various ways. Here are some common ones:

  1. Memorials and Monuments: Houston has several memorials and monuments dedicated to military heroes. For example, the Houston Veterans Memorial Park pays tribute to veterans from various wars and conflicts. It features statues, plaques, and other displays commemorating their service and sacrifice.
  2. Parades and Events: Houston hosts parades and events throughout the year to honor military veterans and active-duty service members. These events often coincide with holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day. The city also participates in nationwide initiatives like Veterans Day ceremonies and parades.
  3. Military Museums: Houston is home to military museums that showcase the history and contributions of the armed forces. The Lone Star Flight Museum and the National Museum of Funeral History both feature exhibits related to military service.
  4. Support Programs: Houston has various support programs and organizations dedicated to helping military veterans and their families. These programs offer services such as job placement assistance, housing support, healthcare services, and mental health resources.
  5. Educational Initiatives: Schools and universities in Houston often incorporate military history and appreciation into their curriculum. They may host events, invite guest speakers, or organize educational trips to military-related sites to help students learn about the sacrifices and contributions of service members.
  6. Community Outreach: Many community organizations in Houston organize volunteer efforts and fundraising activities to support military personnel and their families. These initiatives may include care package drives, fundraisers for veteran charities, and outreach programs for veterans experiencing homelessness or other challenges.

Hey, Kids! Read This!

Memorial Day is a special day when we remember and honor the brave people who served in the military and protected our country. It’s a time for us to say thank you to those who fought for our freedom.

In Houston, there are lots of fun things to do to celebrate Memorial Day. You can join parades, where people march down the streets with music and flags to honor the soldiers. There are also ceremonies where people gather to remember and pay respects to those who served.

If you like history, you can visit museums to learn more about the heroes of the past. Some museums even have special exhibits just for Memorial Day.

And of course, there’s yummy food! Many families have cookouts or picnics to celebrate. You can enjoy hot dogs, burgers, and maybe even some tasty desserts.

Remember, Memorial Day is not just about having fun. It’s also a time to show gratitude and remember the sacrifices of others. So, as you enjoy your day off from school, take a moment to think about the brave men and women who made it possible.

On Memorial Day, which is May 27, 2024, there’s a special event happening at Houston National Cemetery. It’s called the Commemoration Ceremony, and it starts at 9 am.

This ceremony is all about remembering the brave soldiers who fought for our country but are no longer with us. During the ceremony, important people from our community, like veterans (those who used to be in the military), former prisoners of war (POWs), and people who received the Purple Heart medal for their bravery, will give speeches.

  • At Bear Creek Park, there’s something called the Harris County War Memorial. It’s like a big monument that was built in 1985 to honor the brave soldiers who died in different wars, like World War I and others.
  • The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is all about the history of Buffalo Soldiers and African American soldiers in the United States Military. From 10 am to 4 pm, there will be lots of fun things to do! You can check out special exhibits, like the new Blue Helmets display, go on tours, take photos with troopers (which are like soldiers), and watch cool performances about history every hour.

One really interesting thing happening is an Artifact Talk with someone named Jason Fung, who is the museum’s Archivist. He’ll talk about cool artifacts and how they connect to the theme of emancipation, which is all about freedom. This talk starts at 11 am.

Best of all, you can get into the museum for free if you register!

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