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Articles Posted for the Month of June 2020
Posted Mon, Jun 29, 2020
There is a delicate balance to allowing beneficial pests needed for the blooms in my yard without tolerating the harmful pests that like to make a small snack of my plants, dogs and me.
Posted Wed, Jun 10, 2020
Formosan subterranean termites prefer warm climates and have been identified and are heavily abundant in the southern coastal states.
Posted Fri, Jun 26, 2020
I really enjoy the warmer weather this time of year, but the toughest part is dealing with the large flies. I know the issue. Keep the yard cleaner and be more diligent of conducive conditions that encourage pest breeding and growth.
Posted Fri, Jun 26, 2020
Have you been walking around the perimeter your home and noticed some particularly busy looking ants with small jagged edged pieces of leaves or foliage held over their heads scurrying about?
Posted Fri, Jun 26, 2020
Seeing a large roach scurry across the kitchen floor in the middle of the night when you were just wanting a drink of water can make you forget that thirst