HS Volleyball: College Park Sweeps Oak Ridge

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 10/02/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- This volleyball division is not one for the light hearted. Each team has elite skills, so it comes down to errors and where the ball falls on the court. Oak Ridge is coached by Tommie Sledge, who in her many years of coaching has built up a reputation and typically a winning team. This is the same with the College Park Lady Cavaliers. Although still a young team, Coach Gibson has molded the teams over the years to become the elite and play with the best of the best.

Typically, in the south, Fridays are reserved for the local football teams where everyone in the town is at the game. This week has been a by with all the teams resting before the 13 6a district play begins so volleyball was the game to go to. College Park came out in the beginning fast so set the pace of the entire game. When speaking with head coach Gibson she said, “That was our goal, to come out aggressive, does it always happen not all the time. But it was our goal to come out and be aggressive.”

Oak Ridge is not one to back down from a challenge so they also came out swinging and made the Cavaliers work for every single point. Although in the first game College Park held Oak Ridge to just 1 point while putting up 10 unanswered points. The Cavaliers defense and ability to dig the ball was unmatched and was foreshadowing for the rest of the match.

Coming off the first sets win, College Park once again came out with the same intensity and pace to keep Oak Ridge at bay. They forced the War Eagles to make mistakes and continued to dominate the offence by stopping many of their kill attempts and accurately digging many attacks. “Offensively I thought we moved the ball around really quick and I think everybody played really well,” said Coach Gibson when addressing the team’s overall performance.

It wasn’t all College Park; Oak Ridge did step up and made many plays forcing errors on them but it was short lived with the intensity and momentum from the Lady Cavaliers. Each set was evenly matched and it all came down to the errors and the fact College Park’s defense was far superior than the Lady War Eagles. The Lady Cavaliers take the win in 3 (25 - 8, 25, - 18, 25-17)

College Park is set to play The Woodlands High School which should be an intense match with each student section rooting for their team.
Oak Ridge is set to face the newest team from the district, Grand Oaks.

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