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As optimistic as we all were hoping, the prevailing Covid cases seem to keep lingering on in different strains into our third year of a global pandemic.
Margie Taylor
It has been a year of re-building and getting back to business for many entrepreneurs. Office Evolution-Conroe/Woodlands (OE) is celebrating their own local
Margie Taylor
Now more than ever where you spend your time, your work environment, must have favorable conditions for both your financial health and mental well-being. Workforce workers have shifted to self-employment or remote office environments.
Margie Taylor
We all leady busy lives with work, family, and other opportunities that feed us holistically to enrich our lives. While many employees and businesses were adjusting to a home office in 2020
Margie Taylor
Last year was a phenomenon for businesses everywhere. And just when things were going back to normal, we get an uptick and a variance in Covid 19 cases.
Margie Taylor
There are few weather events in the southern United States that affect people and property as traumatic as hurricanes.
Billy Adams
Hurricane Ida Relief Effort underway… The Office Evolution - “Cajun Connection” Truck is heading “down the bayou” to Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes in Louisiana to help our neighbors get through one of the worst Hurricanes since Katrina.
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