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By: Margie Taylor
| Published 09/22/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Last year was a phenomenon for businesses everywhere. And just when things were going back to normal, we get an uptick and a variance in Covid 19 cases. Leaders in the community are learning to adapt by allowing flexible work schedules or allowing staff to work from home.

Many employees are adamantly opposed to returning to the “corporate” office setting. These employees are comfortable working in a non-traditional setting with less commuting time, comfortable clothing, and the opportunity to flex their time with family. But how is that working for them? They get more distractions during a workday, and they are not positioned in a professional workspace to receive clients or meet potentially new leads.

There are three generational work groups that define the current workforce. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. Baby Boomers tend to be workaholics, work after retirement for self-fulfillment and may be interested in contract work. Gen Xers tend to be very independent, self-employed, and like to make up their own rules. Millennials want a social work environment with direct communication and an independent workspace. These are all very general terms only used to show the different needs of business minded people motivating them to be productive in their workspace.

Office Evolution customizes the options of services to everyone’s needs in the current workforce. Services span from a larger furnished office, a shared office with another business, a virtual office with phone answering services, or a physical address to improve their Search Engine Optimization. At Office Evolution Membership has its privileges which includes a discounted professional meeting or conference room, and the ability to do a podcast in a studio without investing in expensive equipment to do your podcast. Podcasts are a way of positioning yourself as the expert in your field with a convenient access to the studio. Office Evolution provides convenient access to the studio so you can shine!

Clients in the 25–40-year-old age group love podcasting as they are the first generation to live in social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok and LinkedIn have implemented live streaming platforms. Live interactive podcasting provides the ultimate opportunity to engage with your targeted audience through Q & A sessions, contests, and phone in comments. Millennials have always had access to the internet and thrive on technology. Chamber events, marketing seminars, and workshops are some of the many networking events taking place at Office Evolution. The amenities surrounding Office Evolution offer many opportunities to socialize with others in the business community. The Adventure Begins is a gaming and comic bookstore with a tournament room opening soon and a game card auction room, a vast array of restaurants offering craft 100 beers within 100 steps, and women only boutique gym at Delta Life Fitness, and many venues to meet up with friends or business partners. This feeds the need for socialization where you work to interact with others face to face.

Baby Boomers are familiar with the traditional corporate workspace but prefer working from home after they had a taste of it in 2020. They enjoy working and have a strong work ethic. Boomers like having the option of transitioning to Office Evolution because it is comfortable without the long commute or the many distractions at home. Studies show their performance increases in a workspace model!

The last age group is the Gen Xers who played on the original video games, and many have leadership roles and believe in Face Time. They believe in water cooler conversations, talking to someone eye-to-eye, and believe relationships are very influential. Zoom calls are not where they want to be. They enjoy comfortable community settings where they can meet people.

These work styles are all present with members at Office Evolution Conroe/Woodlands ranging from three attorneys, two therapists, oil & gas consultants, several life coaching businesses, several nonprofit organizations, a photographer for weddings or special events, a title company, and one business, Triumvir Financial has four offices offering financial planning, accounting, and Covid 19 testing at their sister company FlowHealth. There are also two clients running as candidates in the upcoming elections- Zipporah Singleton is a candidate for Position 7 with The Woodlands Township, and Kelly McDonald is a candidate for Texas House Representative for District 3.

Clients range from all generational age groups focused on being the “Dreamers, Risk-takers, Doers” of our age that want to move ahead with their business. “Ohana” or a big family is what it really is!

Office Evolution, The Woodlands has 50 separate office spaces, 7 micro-offices, and virtual office spaces to enable business entrepreneurs and business minded individuals to have their own office space. Guests are greeted by a smiling Business Center Manager with phone calls answered by a live answering service! Every business receives their own key to their locked furnished office, phone number, personalized voicemail, a private mailbox with a physical address, secure Wi-Fi internet service, meeting rooms, and a shared lounge area with a community kitchen with courtesy coffee, tea, and water always available. With more than 75 locations nationwide, your “Ohana” continues with membership benefits in all locations.

Office evolution is a community workspace designed to transform the way you do business. Why commute to another work area when you can have it all including restaurants, gym, shops, and lots of free no hassle parking close to home?

Located at 525 Woodland Square Blvd off FM 1488 in the Marcel Town Center, Office Evolution has over 400 parking spaces and 6 restaurants, tenants leasing office space are never inconvenienced looking for space in a garage or leaving for lunch.

For more information about Office Evolution-The Woodlands visit or call 936-270-1150. Follow them on Facebook,

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