Office Evolution- The Woodlands Embracing Success with Members in 2021

By: Margie Taylor
| Published 12/20/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- It has been a year of re-building and getting back to business for many entrepreneurs. Office Evolution-Conroe/Woodlands (OE) is celebrating their own local successes with their members.

Phil Anderson, partner of Office Evolution- Conroe/Woodlands (OE) stated, “While we lost a few members due to Covid closures, a few of our members have reason to be glad for 2021 and are embracing 2022”.

Thrive with Autism Foundation joined OE in 2019 after a contest was held among nonprofits in the community to receive free office space for 6 months. This year they expanded their staff and moved to a larger office. Their growth has now given birth to the First Charter School for Autism in Texas!

“We are very grateful for the support of Office Evolution to allow Thrive with Autism to office here”, said President Elizabeth Goldsmith of Thrive. We have found the offices clean, inviting, and very useful to have different sized conference rooms available for board meetings or committee meetings. We have renewed and expanded our offices!”

Bears, Etc. is the other nonprofit that was awarded office space in 2019. Kati Krouse, Executive Director is a mere $5,000 away from their goal of fundraising $100,000 for a Bear and Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Montgomery County! Having a professional office space for connecting and growing relationships was critical to her success.

This is also an election year and local candidates use Office Evolution to store signs, meet prospective voters, and gather volunteers. Kelly McDonald, candidate for State Representative, District 3 and Zipporah Singleton, candidate for The Woodlands Township are both members of Office Evolution-Conroe/Woodlands.

“When you engage in community involvement on a regular basis not only does that build your credibility as a business, but it creates a positive workplace environment”, said Phil Anderson. “It has been a tough eighteen months. We all learned to shift, respond, and engage more intentionally in the community. I am glad our members are excelling.”

Triumvir Financial has grown their financial business from two office to six offices and is now assisting organizations in healthcare, Disney, and the NBA. Their national headquarters is at Office Evolution.

Since Spring of 2020 during the onset of COVID-19, David Mosberg of Triumvir Financial moved his office to Office Evolution of The Woodlands. The convenience of living nearby, the restaurants, and professional office space made it an easy transition, especially when he lives in Woodforest-so convenient.

The pandemic has transitioned his team to find new solutions with different tools to maintain communication within his team and clients. As a result of the lockdown local businesses reached out to Triumvir Financial to interpret the Payroll Protection Program and services were offered without a fee as part of their commitment to the community.

Begin 2022 with success in sight. Take a tour of Office Evolution, The Woodlands conveniently located at 525 Woodland Square Blvd off FM 1488 in the Marcel Town Center. With over four hundred free parking spaces and six restaurants you will not have to spend time or money to park your vehicle or go far for lunch. Office spaces range from separate furnished workspaces to micro-offices, or virtual offices with an address and an answering service.

Every business receives their own key to their locked furnished office, phone number, personalized voicemail, a private mailbox with a physical address, secure Wi-Fi internet service, meeting rooms, and a shared lounge area with a community kitchen with courtesy coffee, tea, and water always available. As a member you have access to over seventy-five locations nationwide!

For more information about Office Evolution- Conroe/Woodlands visit or call 936-270-1150. Follow them on Facebook,

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