Are you a college student returning home for summer break? Maybe you’re a senior about to go off  to college for the first time in the fall? Join our college student group sessions this summer. This group  provides a supportive space for college students to connect, share experiences, and grow together. 

What to Expect?  

Peer Support: Connect with fellow college students who understand the unique challenges of  transitioning to college-life.  


Skill-Building: Learn valuable coping strategies and tools to navigate stress, anxiety, and other  mental health concerns. 


Personal Growth: Explore thoughts and feelings in a supportive setting, fostering self-awareness  and resilience.  

Empowerment: Gain a sense of empowerment as experiences are shared and support others in  their journey.  

Why Join?  

Connection: Combat feelings of isolation by connecting with peers who understand and can be  supportive. 


Growth: Develop new skills and insights that will benefit participants during the summer and at  college.  


Thursdays @ 1-2:30pm, June 13th – August 8th (group will not be held on July 4th) | $65/session 

Facilitated by:  

Kasey Byrd, M.Ed. Licensed Professional Counselor 


New Clients please call 281-528-4226 to schedule a Complimentary Consultation to see if our group  would be a good fit.